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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I wish I had.....

The main reason for writing this post in a lighter vein is the fact that my previous two posts have generated no comments which is a bit disheartening. But still, I am not going to stop trying. Why should I accept defeat before the judgement is passed, the world hasnt won yet and I havent lost.

Not to deflect away from the topic I have thought of some diseases which are more of a blessing than a problem. I seriously wish I had some of them. So here they go :

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterised by an inability to sleep and/or to remain asleep for a reasonable period during the night. It will leave a person with so much extra time that he can really develop some skills, read the classics like War and Peace with ease, watch the rerun of the shows that he/she has missed during the week and many others which if I begin to list would put you to sleep.

Multiple Personality Disorder is another hep disease because it gives you the oppurtunity to deny responsibilty for your actions. It gives you the option to look at the world from a different point of view. Atleast it would have made Ted Bundy a happier person.

Selective Amnesia is one disease which I want my girlfriend (If I ever get one again) to have. Just think about it, wouldnt it be great if you could control the memories that she can retain. Aaah... This paragraph is nothing else but a case of wishful thinking gone too far.

Au Revoir


Blogger Krishnendu said...

Please tell me why do you want to make Ted Bundy a happier person ?

9:21 AM  
Blogger Krishnendu said...

Is it ur wish to have Multiple Personality Disorder? Do you want to follow in Ted Bundy's footsteps? It totally escapes me as to why you would like to show someone like him in a good light.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Me said...

In my opinion people like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson really define what being HIP and COOL is all about. The reason for that being, we, as humans have an inner-liking towards violence. If that was not the case then movies like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs wouldnt be such a huge commercial success. I would also like to recommend books "American Psycho" and "Lord Of The Flies" to substantiate my point and they also are a very interesting read. Given below is an excerpt from an interview of Edmund Kemper who wasnt as popular as Bundy or Manson but he definitely worked on the same lines.
Q. "What do you think when you see a pretty girl walking down the street?"
A. "One side of me says, 'I'd like to talk to her, date her.' The other side of me says, 'I wonder how her head would look on a stick?'"
If this aint cool then I dont know what is. ;-)

10:34 AM  
Blogger Som said...

Isnt the spelling Disheartening? :p
In between i read the articles, but i didnt read the extra-lengthy-comment written by u in reply to Kris..
Thought of the Day....
blogging is short-logging. Its more about one-liners than essay-writing! hehe

2:56 PM  
Blogger Me said...

hey shouvik,
Thanks for the "disheartening" thingy, i hve corrected that. Well, I am new to this so called BLOG WORLD and do not agree with your thought of the day. Great men like you may be able to say what they want in few lines, lesser mortals like me need essays.
One more thing.. abe spelling and grammatical mistakes ke baare main messenger par bol diya kar yaar. Kabhi koi bandi BLOG padne aayi to bina baat ke uske saamne bejatti ho jaayegi.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Sana khan said...

Sana Khan. Texas, USA.

Good Job, Ravi!! What a new prospective on diseases! I always used to run away from diseases and anything and everything that would make me ill. After reading your writing, I am not sure if I want to run away from them. :D I would specially like to have schizophrenia but only if I can control what I hullicinate about.(and just a hint: it would include Prince Charles.)
Since a recent study shows that people with lower-than-average IQ scores have a 40% greater risk of developing schizo-affective disorder, I might have it someday! What da ya know!!
well, Howdy partner. Keep it out of reach(for others, ofcourse)

9:16 AM  

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