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Friday, May 13, 2005

Life's like that

/* Given below is the code for 1-bit subtractor. This happens to be my first code in verilog. I have to code in verilog for my project and the code will be somewhere around 1500 - 2000 lines. Atleast I have started. If any of you are experts in verilog please leave your Yahoo Messenger id. I might need your help */

module sub (x,y,z,D,B);
output D,B;
input x,y,z;
assign D = (~x & ~y &amp; z) | (~x & y & ~z) | (x & ~y & ~z) | (x & y & z);
assign B = (~x & y) | (~x &amp; z) | (y & z);

There is one more thing that I will like to add. Grown ups dont talk about potty that much. Sometimes they (hinting at someone in particular) dont even laugh at the potty jokes. How many of you feel comfortable with it? For those who do, here is one:

What does Sanjay Kapoor sing when he is sitting on a pot?

Aaati nahin....


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