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Monday, June 21, 2004

Is there hope ?

Al Pacino once said in an interview, “You are as good as your last movie.” and I think the same concept can be applied to blogs too, at least to the blogs like mine which have a very small audience. If I create the profile of an average visitor to my blog it would be a 20-25 year old male, probably IITian, who never really had an actual opportunity to be in love. The question that I want to raise now is “Is there hope?” Frankly speaking, I don’t think so.

Love, in my opinion, requires a certain amount of stupidity to become a real success. As the time passes by we become mature and finally reach an age when we judge everything rationally. The loss of rational is an extremely necessary prerequisite for love. Considering my personal case, which I presume is of majority of the readers, I was busy with studies in my high school years and I never looked so good that females would drop as I passed by. I had neither the time nor the inclination for the incidental fling in those years and never had the opportunity once I was out of high school. Spending four or five years in a college where the boy : girl ratio is 20 : 1, its human to give up on love. But, I don’t think that even after I pass out from here, I will have the chance to look for my soul mate. I know that I am not Richard Bach who could abandon everything and leave in search for true love. This happens only in books like “The Bridge Across Forever” or some Yash Chopra movie. Two years from now, most probably, I would be doing a 9 in the morning to 10 in the night job at a software firm which would not leave me any time other than weekends. Finding a girl in that time would be extremely hard as, lets face it, I would be out partying with my guy friends.

I remember Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption when he said, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Well, Mr. Robbins mine is taking its few last breaths.


Blogger Som said...

I agree to the KGPian life-map u've created..Handa. But a KGPian doesnt stop meeting people (referring to d other gender). He's time for himself, his friends, his hobbies and he certainly interacts outside the niche of KGP-life. Thereby, u really need not be a Richard Bach to set out on a True-luv Expedition!

About..Love..True love is a high point and thereby people do part with reason when they r luv-struck. But, as they say the sun always sets and there's this Night where u need to reason out the happenings when ur mind wasnt dictating. In those times, if d couple is compatible a relationship is procreated!
SO..u never know, when it happens to u, jes wait for d right person to come along and clear ur mind off the trivial jurisdictions that set in.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Pal said...

Hey Handa, it is really nice the way you express yourself. You questioned, “Is there hope?” But you mainly talked about the “hope of ‘be in love & be loved’”. Right? If “Hope is a good thing, may be...” then I will say, “hope of ‘be in love & be loved’ is the best hope” and it is one of those ‘rare hope’ that become reality in all of our lives on time. And about the short in time to find your soul mate… believe me, LOVE is not something that you have to go for; like fishing or hunting. Instead it will find you, it will knock your door and then you have to face it with your heart – that is all. It may sound strange!!! But it is the really or it is what I believe and what I got. You said LOVE requires a certain amount of stupidity. As Bryan Adams sang for us-

When you love someone – you’ll do anything
You’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain
You’ll shoot the moon – put out the sun
You’ll deny the truth – believe a lie
There’ll be times that you’ll believe you can really fly

Is that what you mean by stupidity? Then I agree with you. But we don’t care about this when we have really really really loved a woman.

So keep your sacred hope and enjoy life and do blogging more.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Shakti said...

I couldn't agree more with the life-map of IITian you have created, matches to me perfectly (including the software engineer part).
I also agree to the fact that love requires stupidity, though I call it emotionality (means the same) ... and IITians (me atleast) are too practical/rational to think emotionally.
However, the profile u created for a visitor to your blog has just got an exception. The fact that a guy who perfectly match your life-map is in love defies rationality, doesn't it?
You don't need to find love, love finds you :-) ... and this again that can't be explained just by rational logic ;-)

5:15 AM  
Blogger Me said...

I like it that the size of comments has passed the size of my post. Seriously thank you guys. The best part is only 1 of you is KGPian and I am going to yell on Kris because he hasnt read the post till now. I am waiting for the right time to post my other two theories on love as it is quite evident that it generates lot of comments. Just the titles now, "Love and mobile phones" and "Love and shit". They will be here in next couple of weeks so keep watching.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Nandz said...

Just a passing thought... I've never read a blog by a girl musing about love... and finding that "someone special"... are guys lovestruck or what?

9:44 PM  
Blogger Me said...

Well Saurabh,
The thing that encouraged me to write this was a BLOG by a female(most probably). The name is Bindu Reddy which looks like a female name to me but I have made similar mistakes in the past when talking about Telugu people. Go there and judge for yourself.

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Came here from his blog.

Nice blog you have here (Am so darn tired of this cliche now :|).

And people should just stop looking for love, it comes your way unexpectedly. And it's the easiest if it's your best friend (of the opposite sex, or not, as the case may be).

Keep writing.


2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clear case of Grapes Are Sour. And since we all like being bitter, and like Good-thing-Bashing, let's do a reality check. Would you be where you are without hope?

Okay, sticking to the topic at hand: Love. You believe it's gibberish? Then why did you ever hope? If your hope is taking its last few breaths, you wouldn't be writing this one, mister :).

"What you don't have, you don't need it now" - U2, Beautiful Day. Call it rose tinted, but it works. You don't need love. You want it!

Sorry if that sounded a little rude.

- Nemesis

12:00 AM  
Blogger Me said...

This post was also done on another blog and given below are the comments made on that postInfinity said...
"handa babu...maybe ur hope for finding love in this life is dying but don't lose heart...u can substitute it by hoping to find love in the arranged marriage which i'm sure ur dad will be able to fix up for u ;-)!!
don't despair babuji is there!!!"

Anonymous said...
"Seriously....the amount of stress that i see around among my peers due to lack of female company is immense....thats me included..but well, searching for love might not just work handa...i've met the most interesting women when and where i would least expect them to....on teh other hand i have been doing the rounds of a hundred and ten college fests, partys and what not but never found the ONE...but do keep the windwos open, you never know....as goes one jagjit ghazal "naa jaane kab woh chale aae milne ke lie, her shaam aankhon mein nae shamme jalaya kijie"....but remeber handa, arranged marraige is a wonderful conceptt...keep faith..there is sumone waiting there for you :) "

Vardan said...
"Hi Handa,
Sorry for the late comment, but I saw this blog for the first time, and your post did catch my eye. Here's my 2 cents :
Love isnt something that you need time for, what is actually required is courage to go up and speak your heart out. You need courage to face the troubles you might face later a.k.a parents. Most of us IITians blame it up on the lack of female company or lack of time from studies. But consider the amount of time we spend in 'lukkhagiri' and as for lack of females, its totally dependant on how interactive you are, life doesnt end on the campus borders.
Most IITians become increasingly desperate for female company by the time they pass out, my guess is that the need/desperation for love is far more than what you estimate. Dont take me wrong , i am just guessing.
As for true love, well, that rarely happens, you gotta make things happen.
All in all .. i'd say that an IITian isnt doomed to have a loveless drab life, it only depends on where he wants to take it.
Here's another quote.. from shawshank itself.
"I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it is in my dreams. I hope....." - Red( Morgan Freeman)

p.s. I wont know whether someone read and reacted to this.. too bad :( "

Anonymous said...
"dunno....ive had these so many varied experiences over the past few years...which have only increased of late..and now i feel i never knew anything about love or to be more precise about 'my quest for love' and the best thing to do is not to try and decipher it at all......even i dunno what i am saying...but you got the message, didnt you?

ok lemme put it his way.....most of the times, you might not be in love or wanting to be in love with a female....its just that there is something there is some aspect of your life that is troubling you sommehere and which makes you vulnerbale and makes you search for ventilation of thoughts and care adn so we tend to confuse it with or questy for love...somethingon thse lines......you know....but again....i might be feeling totally diferent about all this two dasy from now :)) "

9:03 AM  

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