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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bharatpur Blues

Life at bharatpur is dull... very very dull. The simple reason being the fact that there is no net at home or let me put it in a better way.. there is no computer at home. The "thing" that is exists on my table wont be called a computer because of its configuration which is :
Processor : Intel Celeron
RAM : 32 MB
No CD Drive
No Floppy Drive
Hard Disk : 2 GB
No working port for a modem.

Now you tell me what can I do with that. On the good side, the TV is working fine. I dont know why people say, " There is nothing good on TV". Atleast I dont think so. I love watching the daily dose of "The Simpsons". Barkha Dutt can be found 24 * 7 on "NDTV 24/7" and I think most of you are aware of my fascinaion of this female. And when everything fails, there is "The History Channel".

The cyber cafe guy gave me wierd looks when I told him that I am here to write my blog and not to check my mail as he had never heard of a thing called a blog. I am returning to KGP on the 20th if my reservations get confirmed otherwise on the 28t. Adios.


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