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Monday, November 14, 2005

Kauva moti khavat hai

These are the things I did today to pamper myself:
1. Ate 400 gms of Alu Bhujia.
2. Drank 600 ml Pepsi, 200 ml Thumps Up, 200 ml Limca.
3. Smoked 1 Marlboro, 1 Gold Flake Kings, 1 Navy Cut and 17 Flakes.
4. Caught a junior and read my poetry to him.
5. Saw 2 episodes of Rome, 6 episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, Main meri patni or woh, The Full Monty.
6. Slept from 1400 hrs to 1800 hrs. (My average for the past 3 years is around 5)
7. Read the last two chapters of Catcher In The Rye.

I had said this to one of my close friends before that "You are closest to a person when you can share your insecurities with him". Main meri patni or woh makes that very point. I saw it with Inifnity who is from Lucknow. For those who haven't seen the movie, it is based in Lucknow. Every time he recognised a CCD or Gol Bazaar or a University or Hazratgang Bazaar or a bridge or a colony or a garden or a college-ground or a road or a scooter or a car or a plant or a dog, he redefined the phrase "jumped in his seat". The movie is very good as per hindi movie standards and is funny in many places. However, the best laugh we had was when both of us blurted out "CD change" (We were watching it in WMP and had enqueued both the files).

There were a few other reasons why I am less sad than usual:
1. Getting a mail from AA. I thought that she did not reply to my mail because she was angry at the content of the mail. It turned out that she was just busy with an exam.
2. Getting an orkut scrap and then a mail from a student of AA college saying that they are considering me to be one of the quizmasters. The surprising part is that I do not know anyone there personally. AFAIK none of my blog readers are from that college. I have never been to that city. Someone is putting in good words for me. Thanks.
3. SMS which read "Go to hell".

I cannot think clearly these days. With around 100 hrs to go I am FREAKING OUT.


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