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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Maya Maya .... MAYA!!

We have had a large number of unforgettable character names in Indian cinema, but more often than not they have been dominated by the male species with Vijay (Big B) , Rahul and Raj (SRK). When I try to think about a particular name which has been used in many movies for the fairer sex and with proper emphasis being laid on it, I cant think of anything other than MAYA. Kajol tried to do it with Anjali but I dont think she has been that successful because the character Maya has often moved on to dimensions which the Anjalis cant even dream of.

Maya in Ijaazat - This character had an enigma, the feeling of a lost soul, the poet, the wanderer, the original vagabond. The only character which can do justice to songs like Mera Kuch Samaan. This character could have died at any point of time in the movie and I was surprised when I found out that she dies in an accident and not a suicide. Anuradha Patel had a small amount of screen time but the whole movie revolved around the things she did, the things she said, the things she wrote, the MAYA that she was.

Maya in Maya Memsaab - Very much like Ijaazat's Maya, this Maya also had an air of mystique around her. The whole movie is in search of the character Maya and indeed defining the character. The basic difference between Ijaazat and Maya Memsaab's Mayas is, Ijaazat's was very sure of herself and Maya Memsaab's Maya was in search of herself.

Maya in Dil To Pagal Hai - There wasnt any actual character named Maya in the movie but Yash Chopra gave Maya more importance than Madhuri or Karishma. Its a love story that moves around a dream and a drama production which are called Maya. SRK bursts out on Madhuri because he cant see the Maya he wants in her which in turn tells us the importance of Maya in the movie.

Maya in Kama Sutra - What do I say about her? I can only tell you a quote from the movie which I use often when someone tells me, "I hate you". The reply, "I dont love you enough to hate you". It was played by the dusky beauty Indira Varma and its hard to get her image out of my mind. I think most of the guys who have seen the movie will agree with me. ;)

A smarter man than me once said, "Sab maya hai" and I say, "Sab Maya hai aur main maya ka pujaari".

P.S. I have never met a single girl in my life who had the name Maya.


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