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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tum Nahin Aayi

I have lost many of my poems because of missing diaries, computer crashes and burnt pages but some of them have just stuck with me, probably I took special care of them because they had a special meaning. The meaning has been long lost but some of the text files still remain. Here is something I wrote in early March 2003:

Suraj pura dhal, pachim pahunch gaya thaa,
Samay peeche chod, aage nikal gaya thaa....
Sandhya bela main tum aane waale theen,
Aangan main bahar tum laane waale theen....
Taare nikal nabh main bikhar gaye,,, par
Tum nahin aayi

Tanhayi ke bojh ne mujhko dubo diya,
Aankh nam bahut hui thee aaj main ro diya....
Chaukhat teri aahat ko taras rahi thee,
Gum ki kadvi boondein baras rahi thee....
Sacche jhoote mehmaan sab laut ghar gaye,,, par
Tum nahin aayi

Yaad ki vaadi se goonjte hue afsane aaye
Mere rote darwaze par apna ban begane aaye....
Neend ho krodhit akela chod gayi,
Madhu samapt ho munh mod gayi....
Raah dekhte dekhte beet aathon pehar gaye,,, par
Tum nahin aayi



Blogger Praveen Bhat said...

I just stopped by... thats a nice poem. Although its depressing to read it, I know its manageable with your rallying cry! Just to be sure I got it right, I mean it in the positive sense.

1:25 AM  

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