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Thursday, July 15, 2004

List Of The Mohicans

I was planning to make a list of the blogs I read and put a link to them on my page for couple of weeks but was a bit too lazy.

Abhaya Agarwal -- He is blogging when he is not Orkuting.
Alpha -- You are not supposed to talk about Gods so I won’t.
Amit Goel -- Planning a career change from Programmer to Spiritual Guru.
Amon -- The MAN on the lost highway to hell.
Anant Singh -- Junior at KGP and refers to me as "Another load of Crap".
Arunima -- The glow of dawn.
Anamika -- Her wild thoughts.
Chandrachoodan -- Vanity is his favorite sin.
Cheesy Chopstix – Cheeselings from a biochemist.
Dipika -– Learning to fly.
Debalina -- Prolix of an empty brain.
Gaurav Sabnis -- Perfect blend of humor, cricket, movies and things that matter.
Jihva -– Partly liberal, partly secular and ANTI Times Of India.
Krishnendu Biswas -- The guy who taught me what blogging was.
Nupur Dave -- Lessons in hindi, gujrati, marathi and english from a Dancing Queen in Georgia Tech.
Pallavi -– Born to be wild.
Prasanna -- If you want to know what’s wrong with the IT industry, this is the place where you should be.
Ravikiran Rao –- The Examined Life.
Santosh Kumar -- Technically Speaking.
Shouvik Som -– Batch-mate at KGP.
Sumedha Sinha -- The day dreamer, Lady in green.
Sarika -- Says a lot in very less words.
Reshma Sanyal -- The online celebrity who doesn’t mind stalkers.
Salil -- If there is a topic, he has an opinion.
Surinder -- As playful as it gets.
Vinayak Nagpal -- Varun's elder brother and has some fractured philosophies..
Varun Nagpal -- Vinayak's younger brother. Food, sex, Zep and linux.
Vivek Kumar -- Life, universe and everything
Vardan Mathur -- Daily life is not always boring.
Wonderbug -- Mommie Buggie. Close up and very personal

Community Blogs
Buhaha -- Rating NC 17. A blog not suited for minors
Few Good Men -- Yeah, yeah.. IITians also blog.

Phew!! Sorry if I missed someone. If you have put a link to my page on your blog please tell me so that I can do the same.


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