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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Movie Masti Magic

I can go on and on about "I hate the world and the world hates me" attitude but then I will have to change the title of my blog from "Intellections Of A Lesser Mortal" to WhyTodayStinks.com

I saw Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind couple of days back and must say that its one of the most decent flicks I have seen in a pretty long time. Well, my definition of long time might be slightly different from yours because I watch an average of 7-10 movies a week and more often than not, I am disappointed by them. First of all, let me tell you that this movie has Kate Winslet, a person whom I find neither beautiful nor talented and is directed by a relatively unknown French director Michel Gondry. After watching Jim Carrey in The Majestic,his only serious performance that I have seen, I didnt have much hopes from him either. The only thing that prompted me too have a bit of hope from this movie was the name of Charlie Kaufman who got an Oscar nomination for The Adaptation last year and was also the man behind Being John Malkovich. This movie embraces and transcends the quirkiness of Kaufman's previous efforts and forms it into a moving, inspired mediation on the funny-sad nature of love.

"To abridge is to murder" is a phrase that has been often used by people far more smarter than I can ever become. Giving a plot synopsis in a couple of lines will be doing the same but I think that would encourage people to watch this modern classic. Hence, here it goes:

When a lovelorn young man (Jim Carrey) learns that his ex-girlfriend (Kate Winslet) underwent a medical procedure to have their relationship erased from her memory, he is so hurt that he also enlists himself for the same treatment. However, as the doctors go to work they find that he is fighting to keep his memories--and his love--for her. For the punchline you'll have to rent the movie.

Its a tragedy that this movie will not be released in India and we'll have to be content to watch it on DVD or even worse, the bootlegged version. As far as the awards are concerned, Oscars have now become the Hollywood counterpart of our very own Filmfare, otherwise Titanic would have never won all the awards it did. Do I even need to talk about the Filmfare's populist nature? Well, just remember the year 1999 when Salman Khan(KKHH) struck gold defeating Manoj Vajpayee (Satya) for Best Supporting Actor. Despite of this, I would place all my bets on Kaufman for a Best Original Screenplay this year. Let time be the judge.


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