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Monday, July 26, 2004

Brand Equity

One of the downsides of living in hostel, other than inedible food, is lack of TV hours. My mother tried to cut down my TV watching for many years but this was probably the only battle I won. Her prayers were answered when I joined Kharagpur and realised that even TV is one of the luxuries that I don't have. I do have 24/7 internet connection with a 100 MPBS LAN which lets us download various TV series from the big bad cyberspace but still I miss out on various advertising campaigns. I try to keep in touch through AgencyFAQs, but a few snapshots can never make the impact as a TV advertisement. During the India-Pakistan match I saw the advertising campaign for Voltas ACs. I know that it is a very old campaign but day before yesterday was the first time I saw it. Some of you might have even forgotten it, so here is a glimpse:

A slightly fat, short guy takes a run-up and delivers the ball infront of mirror. We can hear the excited commentator in the background who thinks that this person is no less than Shoaib Akhtar. The person then imagines that he has taken the wicket and does the infamous Shoaib's airplane celebration. He then mutters "Action Replay" and repeats the whole thing in slow motion. When the euphoria dies down he gives a huge sigh in front of his Voltas AC and the background goes "Kya hua agar aapke sapne poore nahin ho sake. Ab aap Voltas AC le sakte hain sirf Rs.9999 main."

I am not exactly sure about the advert but it was on the same lines. Do you think that this strategy is going to work for Voltas? This just makes people realize that they are nothing else but losers. As far as my understanding of people goes, they do not like to accept that they are losers. I agree that everybody has unfulfilled fantasies but no-one likes shit thrown in their face. It’s better to show them that they are Heroes and then convince them to buy the product. Better still; convince them that buying the particular product will make them a HERO from ZERO. The best; get Mr. Pandey working on your campaign.



Blogger MMN said...

I guess their sales should go down. But the response of the Indian people is as vivid as the form of the Indian cricket team, you never know which way the tables are going to turn. :). Since you are a genuine TV addict (like me :)), I would think that you remember the flop add "Iam Optra", which I think they pulled it out as it was not getting the response it was supposed to get.

10:15 PM  
Blogger Anamika said...

R u from Kharagpur IIT?

6:33 AM  
Blogger Me said...

Hey MMN,
I really liked the "I am OPTRA" ad campaign because it was tailor-made for the indian society. When launching a new product companies tend to use the previous successful strategies again and again but CHEVY did not do that. It did create a lot of BUZZ in the market but I still dont know the reason for failure of that campaign.
Hey Anamika,
Yes, I am from IIT Kharagpur and if your investigations about me are over, will you please come out of the shell of anonymity and send a mail to me.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Arnab Bose said...

some zeroes like me know that they can never be heroes. guess they are banking on us . and what kind of a loser thinks he can become a hero by buying an AC .. woh bhi shayad installment mein... hehe.

for me.. if the advert makes me laugh and or sit up and notice its served the purpose. most of the ads are so well.. "uninteresting"..

2:34 PM  

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