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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Another Day, Another Post

At the stroke of midnight hour, Rana and Vikas pulled me out for the GPL (Ga*** Pe Laat) ritual, which some of you might know as the customary Bday bumps. I gave probably my best acting performance by showing that I am tired, too old for this, too fat for this but nothing worked on those guys. Lifting a guy like me is not exactly what you'll call an easy task and everyone was instrested in kicking my butt. They called couple of juniors for the Herculean task and to my surprise they came running for the opportunity. One advice to all of you, if you have any friends who play soccer, never fight with them when the sword of Bday is hanging over your head.

The HRF(Handa Relief Fund) got its first donation yesterday from Jayakanthan who sent me 4 CDs of ebooks. I can’t thank him enough for it. In the small letter that came along with the letter he was worried about his hand-writing but here is a revelation to you people: Both of my parents are doctors and I think I have made my point clear here. Thanks to the CDs, my ebook collection has multiplied to 4 times its original size. For the list of ebooks refer to the last paragraph of this post. If anyone of you needs any of these books do mail me and I promise that it will be delivered in your inbox within 48 hours. Once again, thanks Jayakanthan. I also got TT's phone number which was more than a pleasant surprise and it made me wish that she lived somewhere near by.

I talked with Yazad yesterday and I dont know why but it made me feel mature. It started normally but when I checked his profile on Orkut and saw his age, which is 32, my tone changed from "Sun Na Bhaai" to "Yes Sir" but then he said something which made me feel even worse, "Handa, someday you'll also be 30". The important thing is the fact that I did not get bored when I was talking to him. Here is a guy who was born before "Stairway To Heaven" was released, who used to go to school when Sanjay Gandhi died, who probably saw movies like Masoom in a theater and "Maine Pyar Kiya" for him was what DCH is for me and if I can talk to him and feel comfortable then I think I have finally grown up.

Here is my treat to all of you --> 18943 This is the password by which you can read India-Today online edition for free. NJOY!!

People on LAN can view the book-list here.
The rest can view the book-list here.



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