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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Its not blogging, its personal

Couple of days back I was having a stimulating and interesting conversation (another name we have given to blah blah) with my friend about the concept of blogging. He started attacking me about how I never talk about personal stuff and my daily life in my blog His argument was that a blog should also serve as a diary but I did not concur with him and proved my point on the basis of statistics which as usual were in my favor . I feel extremely proud about the drive I have for collecting and analysing statistics, meaningless fact and redundant data. Even then I decided to write some stuff about me which I consider is extremely personal. Here it is:

1. I dont eat kitkats by breaking them in the middle, I eat them like any other chocolate without breaking them.
2. I dont like to mix anything in my drinks other than ice and i also avoid that if the weather permits.
3. If I like a movie I can watch it any number of times. There are atleast 10 movies which I have seen more than 25 times like Fight Club, Natural Born Killers, Pyasa, etc.
4. If I like a song I put it in repeat mode and listen to it for couple of days non-stop and for the past couple of days its Ankhiyan by Fuzon.
5. The name of my first crush was Namrata Sharma who is doing her medical studies in Manipal and I haven’t seen her for the past 7 years. She still lives in the same place which is around 180 meters from my house but both of us never have holidays at the same time. Any help in locating her will be appreciated.
6. All my knowledge about women and relationships is derived from FRIENDS and SEINFELD.
7. I think the best time to be born is September 1958 so that I am 16 when Stairway To Heaven is released.
8. My dream job is that of a movie critic.
9. I want to write my autobiography someday.
10. The first time I proposed to a girl was because of a bet.
11. I cant talk to a girl if she is good looking (on a relative scale, better than my ex) and is smarter than me.
12. I believe that there is no act of selflessness in this world and everyone has a selfish motive behind what he does.
13. I read the ending of the book beforehand if I like the book. (I picked this habit after I saw When Harry Met Sally)
14. I hate Jane Austen, Toni Morrison, Herman Hesse, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte and Michael Ondaatje because I read their books from cover to cover and then realised what a waste of time they were.
15. I used to think that I came up with "It’s not you, it’s me" routine.
16. Things I thought that would fail for sure: Mobiles, Jenifer Lopez, Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Congress, hunt for Saddam, Five Point Someone.



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