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Monday, December 20, 2004

Almost Famous

There are things which each one of us wishes to do but never has the time for them. I don’t say that I am a busy person, to tell the truth, I am one of the idlest persons possible with staring at the ceiling as one of my preferred pastimes. For the past couple of years I wanted to write down a piece for Rock Street Journal (RSJ) but was too lazy to take a step in this direction. My procrastination came to an end couple of days back and prompt came this reply from RSJ:

Dear Ravi,
if you do want to send in articles/concert reviews/audio reviews etc. for the magazine, please do so. if they rock, we'll put them in the magazine, and if we can't fit them in the magazine, we'll post them on the site.
send us something that you have written, and we'll let you know if we can use it.

I was planning to write about Led Zeppelin but they gave a biography of all major rock bands of the 70s in their last two issues. Now I am thinking of “Trying a little bit harder” and going the Joplin way. She is my personal favorite female rock star of all time with Joan Baez a close second. Her songs (Me and Bobby McGee, Mary Jane, Tell Mama, etc.) and stories about her chutzpah during her heydays have impressed me to a great extent. However, I am open to suggestions but when you suggest something do not forget to mention that whether you read / have read RSJ.

For once, I would like to be quoted at some place other than you know what.



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