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Friday, December 10, 2004

A non-controversial post

For the past couple of days, I was in Delhi and Mathura with family and cousins and I can't say that i enjoyed every bit of it but it did bring me face to face with the things that I missed out on or are different because I live in a place like Kharagpur which is away from any normal college life.

# Safe sex is an issue.
# It does matter if you dont have a mobile phone.
# People still give out their home-address when you say "Mail address."
# People you care about laugh at you when you say you don't know about call-waiting in mobiles.
# Most college students dont use cycles.
# Mallika Sherawat -- HOT, Liv Tyler -- WHO
# If you ask someone "What languages do you know?", the answer will be spanish, english, punjabi, etc. and not C, C++, Java, VB.
# You have to restrict the amount you drink because you have to go back home.
# People prefer to sit and chat in the canteen as compared with the local-chat-rooms (DC++, forum, etc.)
# Everyone has a girlfriend / boyfriend or is in some phase of getting over the past or preparing for the future.


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