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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fourteen Month Old Question

I have an idea, a concept or whatever you would like to call it. When I told this to one of my friends his immidiate reaction was, "Handa, you are sick." This idea was part of the story-line of a play which I was writing, the play never got completed and I personally find this idea to be incredibly romantic.

Guy meets girl. Guy falls in love with her. Proposes. Girl is not interested. Girl is dating someone else from the same batch. Guy sees both of them. Guys kills the girl and then commits suicide. Reason, atleast together in death and the third person wont be able to disturb them. They meet in heaven. Other guy did nothing. Guy proposes again. CURTAINS.

Given above is the rough summary of the plot of a play that was never completed. My friend, now working in IBM kolkata, who was the co-author and was supposed to play the lead, turned this idea down because the protagonist had a lot of negative shades. So here is my attempt to search the answer to a fourteen month old question "Was the protagonist sick or incredibly romantic?" If its not obvious enough yet, I belong to the group which would say "Incredibly romantic"

I admire Sam Mendes's work to such an extent that you can't even fathom but I think he made a mistake with the cast of Road To Perdition. Do you concur?

PS. I know this post sucks... Not in the mood



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi...i do think its incredibly romantic... only thing that i hope i would never be that girl!!!
oh-so-filmy when u r outside....scary when u r in it!!
bt good plot for a play nevertheless!!


3:38 AM  

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