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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Girls And The City

Warning : This post deals with objectification of women and kolkata bashing.

I was watching KKHH today on the idiot box, watching Television is a luxury for people like me who have spent aeons in the woods of kharagpur, and it did bring back some of the good ol' memories. Not many people used to bunk school in the winter of 99 but KKHH was not just another movie, it was KKHH. My school was not like the one in Hip Hip Hurray and it definitely was not DPS but it wasnt hard to find company for a Karan Johar/Yash Chopra (error regretted) flick.

When I think about high-school the first thing that I am reminded is Thursday morning PT class. Me and PT dont gel well together but if you take an obvious guess you would know why I still remember it. Yes, you are right!! Girls in skirts. After living for such a long time in a land like Kharagpur I have realised that those were the only P.Y.T.s that I will get to see in this lifetime.

IIT Kharagpur, like any other engineering college, scores very low when it is measured on the cutefemalometer. The surprise is Kolkata. Each and every girl I have seen on my numerous trips to kol is either too dark, too fat or just too god damn ugly. The whole concept of bengali-beauty seems like a myth to me. If you are going to counter it with luck or wrong-place-wrong-time argument, I will like to tell you that I have been to all possible places from salt-lake city-center to Nandan to Someplace Else to whatever you are thinking. The average female in my school (Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidyashram, Jaipur) looked like Gul and now she is one of the most gorgeous females that I have seen in a long time and as far as kolkata girls are concerned, there are enough bloggers from Kolkata whom you know/ have met and I dont think I need to say anything further. Even Bharatpur has better looking girls than Kolkata. I am not talking about Monica Bellucis or Priety Zintas but just someone average (not the kolkata average but the delhi/jaipur average) who can give atleast make the birdwatching worth the effort. The worst part of kolkata girls is that they think they look good and can always be seen in heavy makeup, clothes so tight that you can count the three tires in the tummy region, high heels which they cant carry well and jeans that give a new meaning to Ted Nugent's Thunder Thighs. I think it works on the concept of latitude, the higher the latitude the better are the girls. Do I need to elaborate on a heaven we know as Sector 16 Chandigarh.

No. of hours since last smoke : 100


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