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Friday, July 01, 2005

Bharatpur Aaj Tak

Bharatpur is going to make the national news very soon. Our very own Bharatpuriya Natwar Singh along with Laloo Prasad Yadav are coming to town for the inauguration of Jaipur Bharatpur Railway line. From now on Jodhpur Howrah, one of the few trains suitable to Bharatpuriye KGPians (yes, there are more than one specimens of this breed), will pass from Bharatpur. I might go to see Laloo wave the flag as I also have to get my return ticket.
There is another reason why Bharatpur can make the news; it is the lack of rainfall. Now all those people who are thinking that Bharatpur is in Rajasthan and is not supposed to get that much rain, let me inform you that Bharatpur has seen floods twice in the past ten years. And when I say floods I don’t mean streets covered with water… I mean the real stuff, people dying and abandoning their homes. Our house is in one of the so called elevated colonies of Bharatpur. I still remember people coming to our house to stay for a few days while the water level goes down to normal.
The SVM Group (Shiva Video Magazine, the local cable guy) is all set to launch a new scheme on the lines of Sabeer Bhatia. The Group has promised to provide free cable service to anyone and everyone within the boundaries of the city. The revenue is supposed to be earned from advertisements. There is also a guarantee of solving problems within an hour with the help of two service stations in each colony. Am I the only one who thinks this is a brilliant idea? The scheme will come into operation by December.
N.S. Update: Haven’t seen her yet but her presence has been confirmed by reliable sources. Her father is an ophthalmologist and I am giving serious thoughts to jamming a fork into my eye


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