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Friday, August 26, 2005

Nothing is what it seems

Was reading Ahmed Faraz today and so got inspired to write this. For those who don't know who Ahmed Faraz is, he is the guy who wrote "Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa". If that doesn't ring any bells then please stop reading. I deliberately used tough words (by my standards). This goes out as a dedication to the tallest woman I know :)

Woh to main tha sar-e-aaina bas-e-aaina bhi to dekhte,
Siyaahiyon ke noor ka tarik-e-hayat bhi to dekhte

Sar-e-aaina - infront of a mirror, Tarik-e-hayat - loneliness in life

Behar main akela chod gaye the tum mujhe,
Gar itna hi tha ranj mujhe doobta bhi to dekhte

Behar - ocean, Ranj - animosity

Mujh begunaah ko sang to bahut maare tumne,
Haashiye main jo kho gaya woh faisla bhi to dekhte

sang - stone, Haashiye - margins

Haalankeh bararoo tere khush nazar aata thaa main,
Aankhon main jo marboot thaa woh dariya bhi to dekhte

Bararoo - in front, Marboot - tied

Tagaaful se todne ki kosish to bahut ki tumne
Ae khudbeen mere qalb ka muzaahima bhi to dekhte

Tagaaful - Apathy, Khudbeen - proud, Qalb - soul, Muzaahima - resistance


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