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Thursday, August 18, 2005

License To Kill

Yeah. I know I know. It is a very cheesy title but it suits the post. I am not Plant (or Page for that matter) who will write a song about his travels in Morocco and call it Kashmir. One of my friends, future quiz-team partner and a dedicated blog reader(dedicated because he reads just two blogs, mine and my girlfriend's) AP today asked me about CITR. He realised that I am a big fan of the book, which is quite evident from the URL of my blog. He quoted the example of Marc David Chapman and John Hinckley and their "wrong-doings" and asked me "Who would you like to kill (someone famous)?" The answer came to my mind within a few millisecs and I am going to share that with you. I am going to draw a lot of heat for this from female readers of the blog. The answer is SRK, Shahrukh Khan The King. The reason: The way he has ruined hindi cinema. Even Aamir is making movies like Mangal Pandey now.
I would like to ask you people the same question: "Who would YOU like to kill?"

Thanks to everyone who called me up on my bday and to those who didnt, "Well..... It costs only 2 Rs. you #$%#$%#$#%%"

Answer to the connect question: TATA
Megasthenese: He wrote Indica.
Mick Jagger: Studied at London School Of Economics. LSE has a chair in name of Ratan Tata.
Yuvraj Singh: Models for Westside.
Swami Vivekanand: He gave the idea of IISc. to the Tatas and asked them to fund it.
Francesco Barracca: Ferrari gets its logo from Baracca's plain. TCS makes software for Ferrari.
K R Narayanan: He did his Post Graduate studies on a Tata scholarship.

Please send all your rants to G. Srikanth, the quizmaster.


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