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Friday, July 15, 2005

Hari Puttar

My tickets for return to the jungle are confirmed and so are confirmed the promises from my friends of booze on my so called homecoming. I must say that I am excited about it. There are more than one reasons to be excited. Another one is the fact that “SHE” is coming back from exile and we can talk on the phone. I will have to plan a trip to kolkata real soon but I don’t think that it’ll be possible before mid-august. To all those who think that mid of august isnt that far, “You aren’t wearing my shoes.”
I find one thing missing from the blogs I read and that is the Harry Potter Mania. Why isn’t anyone talking about it this time. It created a whole babooshka when Order of Phoenix came out. May be its because people are tired of it. May be people are bugged by the increasing size of the so called children novel. May be people don’t like to admit it in public that they like Harry Potter. May be its because they know that Dumbledore is going to die at the end of this one. Whatever be the reasons, let me be the first one to raise the issue. I am not one of those who is going to spend 900 bucks on it. I’ll wait till a soft copy of the book comes out. Then I would download it and read it in peace. If anyone of you wants the soft copy too leave a note in the comment section. However I must warn you that it won’t be easy to read such a voluminous book at the computer. Start with something like Animal Farm if you are not used to it.


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