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Friday, July 08, 2005


So, I finally met her. No sparks flew, no shooting star, no flirts, nothing. As Hugh Grant would like to say, it was “Nice but surreal”. We are on the terrace of her house.

Me: Hi (Smiling with 28 teeth visible)
NS: Hi (Drinking coffee)
Me: One more year left in medicine? (Smiling even more and I don’t know why I was concentrating on the monkey who was sitting, with family on the third roof from the left)
NS: Yeah. You also got one more year left?
Me: Yups. (Smiling with all 32 visible. The monkeys were sitting patiently, not making a move but giving me weird looks.)

30 longest seconds of my life which felt like an eternity. Not a single word spoken. My heart was going bang bang, my mind was going coo-coo and the monkeys… well they weren’t doing anything. The only thought I had was to ask for her phone number. Cmon Handa you can do it… Cmon.. and I blurted out

“Aunty ghar par hain?”
She said,”Haan, bulaati hoon.”

And that’s how the great story came to an end. Quite an achievement after 7 years of silence and I am still smiling. Even my mom asked me today that if I was OK. I wish I could tell her that I was coo-coo….. I even like typing coo-coo. Baah.. I am just going nuts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats the funniest shit I've heard this week. "Aunty ghar pa hai"

C'mon from yr blogs it seems like you can do better than this.


2:29 PM  

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