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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise

I was chatting with XX (a blogger) today and given below is a part of our conversation. The conversation was about Arnav and so I mailed it to him. XX didn't like that but she cooled down after sometime. I loved the whole drama :)

XX: how is it that you and arnav sound so much alike sometimes?
XX: sometimes its like both of you are the same person
XX: he also liked naam adaa likhna
XX: you also liked it
XX: i found more similarities also
XX: its like he's your good alter ego
Handa: i was about to type that "he is the way i present myself to girls"
XX: hahaha
Handa: and what do u mean by "good alter ego"
Handa: am i hyde ?
XX: you guys just might be the same person
XX: well he sounds more sensible
XX: and nicer
Handa: mere baare main bhi kuch bhala keh lo
XX: and he's six feet tall
Handa: uspar line maarni hai kya ?
XX: why wont he put his pic on orkut
XX: hehe
XX: nai, its ok
XX: tum ho na
Handa: he had his pic on orkut... he removed it sometime back
XX: oh
XX: too bad

Arnav, for obvious reasons, didnt like the fact that he was being compared with me. So he wrote a mail to me and her clarifying and denying that he has any resemblance with me whatsoever. Here is the mail that he wrote:

XX, Handa and I are very different individuals! One way to prove that is that he's sitting in his
hostel in Kharagpur, while I am sitting in mine in Delhi (well over 500 km apart). You can check for yourself.
Thanks for those (rare) kind words. I hope this doesn't embarass you as much as it did to me. It would certainly not make you as delighted as it did to me. The reason for not having a pic on Orkut is that I don't have a soft copy of a pic of mine. Not even as part of a group. The one I had eatlier got lost and so can't replace the gollum pic with it. Just to give you an idea though, I look slightly better than Gollum, and the rate at which I have been losing hair might
resemble him pretty soon.
Handa, you are one crazy person!
XX, that's another difference for you. I am crazy, but in a different way!

Fine, I get it. I am not a decent human being and I never wanted to be one. I always liked Tyler more. :)


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