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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Things have changed

I used to think:
1. American Pie is the best english movie ever.
2. Metallica is too loud.
3. Indian Ocean is boring.
4. TOI is a newspaper.
5. SRK is good.
6. Americans are way smarter than Indians.
7. I can sing.
8. Mobiles will not survive in India.
9. I will quit smoking when my girlfriend tells me to.
10. Cocaine, Marijuana, Acid are the same thing.
11. People who smoked were "gande bachche".
12. Movies can never be better than the books they are based on.
13. "Neele Neele Ambar Par" is an example of excellent guitaring.
14. I can learn a musical instrument.
15. Everyone is rational.
16. Everyone is smart.
17. Blogging is boring.
18. Women don't like gay-porn.
19. India doesn't have a market for porn.
20. Basic Instinct is porn.

Till today:
21. There are plenty of tatoo parlours in Kolkata.
22. I will never buy jewellery for myself.
23. Pimps don't approach people like me.
24. Good looking prostitutes are very costly.
25. Watching Mr. And Mrs. Smith cannot be fun.
26. No one cares if a girl smokes.
27. Ear piercing costs 10-15 bucks.
28. I cannot go to a random girl and ask her "Are you Sania Mirza?"
29. I can make a list with 30 points.
30. I cannot make a list with 30 points.


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