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Monday, September 12, 2005

Burn Baby Burn !!

I was watching "Almost Famous" for the 28.34th time couple of days back. I like this movie a lot rather I adore it. May be its because of its innumerable reference to "His Holiness Lord Led Zeppelin" or the song "Fever Dog" or "Lester Bangs" or "Kate Hudson" or the fact that I can live my dream of being born in the 60s through the lead character of the movie who eventually grows up to be a rock journalist. A quote from this movie which I have often used on people who don't appreciate rock n roll, is " Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you'll see your future." but I had never tried it myself. I finally decided to give it a shot and sat down to listen to it with a candle burning. The candle was given to me by Saurabh and the computer was loaned by Markose. I did not see my future but I did see the flame dancing to the beats of the music. I put on Godspeed by Brain Transeau just for the beats and to note the effect which I found, in my own words, "very kewl". I recorded it on a webcam and sent it to at least 50 people. The reactions were mixed. Some people found it O.K., some people found it good and the rest... well I would just say that they are not smart enough to appreciate it. A ":P" to all of you. Surprisingly quite a few people saw a tongue in the video. I can't figure out how that is possible. This candle phenomenon works even better with "Whole Lotta Love". If anyone of you is interested in the video, its just 140 kb, you can download it from here.

PS On a different note, this is for A. V. Varun from IIT M. If you are reading this, "Bad artists borrow, great artists steal".


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