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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Right Now

Right now, people are having unprotected sex.
Right now opportunity is passing you by.
Right now, justice is being perverted in a court of law.
Right now you could be out side.
Right now, God is killing moms and dogs because he has to.
Right now, guilt is turning someone inside out.
Right now, there's a bomb factory hard at work.
Right now you are sitting too close.
Right now, oil companies and old men are in control.
Right now NOTHING is more EXPENSIVE than REGRET.
Right now is just a space between the ages.
Right now is a good time to repent.
Right now, the truth is being obscured.
Right now, science is building a better tomato.
Right now, pigs are becoming lunch.
Right now, someone is working too hard for minimum wage.
Right now, a convenience store is open.
Right now your parents miss you.
Right now no one is safe from loneliness.
Right now it's cold where someone you love is.
Right now she is going on with her life.
Right now, time is having its way with you.
Right now, forces are aligning against you.
Right now, someone is walking onto a nude beach for the first time.
Right now, you wish you had a larger monitor.
Right now, our government is doing things we think only other countries do.
Right now you aren't doing what you most wish you were.
Right now dogs have it good.
Right now keeps happening.
Right now I must be going.



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