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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Return Of Mr. Biswas

Pradosh Biswas was a member of my team till last year before he joined IIM C. He is coming for the Spring Fest (20th -- 23rd Jan) and I am damn happy about it. Finally, I have a decent team and do hope to qualify for the finals. Pradosh says that he has been out of touch for quite some time but well... he is still much better than most of the people here. So, here is my team
Debjeet Sen (Funda Man.. the junior)
Prados Biswas (Mr. Ex)
Jyotisko Sinha (Bengali)
Please suggest a good team name.

And yeah, I have a mobile now. So, if anyone of you is visiting Kharagpur during the fest, do give me a call. My number is 09732550059.

I will try to publish SF Chronicles daily but I dont think I will have the time or the energy to do that. But still... I'll try.

Last Post's Answer: Hotmail
Last Post's Winner: CoolCat
Today's Question: What was the initial logo of Reebok?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best of Luck Handa.It was nice to read your frank comments but I think that you need to love life a bit more. Come on.Give it another chance..she may get lucky this time and make you fall in love with her;))

yours (or is that everyone's or is that mine) sumit

4:44 PM  
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