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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tsunami Pictures

Click thumbnails for larger view.

A very Happy New Year to all of you.

Yesterday’s Answer: Big B made a guest appearance in all these movies.
Yesterday’s Winner: Aditya (First person account)
Today’s Question: He was born in France and spent the initial years of life studying law. Giving up law after sometime, he worked as a government clerk for 10 years. He later became one of the leading authors of French literature. He produced more than 300 short stories and six novels. But unfortunately, diseased insanity ended the brilliant career of this great genius. (1850-1893) Who am I talking about?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it Guy De maupasant? I thought it was 1892,, I might be wrong. "A Parisian affair",, and then " the jewel encounter( not sure of the name),, are really good ones that i know of.

2:42 PM  

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