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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Quizzzzzzzzyyyyy Maahaul : Redux

It had taken me more than six months to come down to 70s but thanks to home-cooked food I am back in the 80s now. No, I am not talking about my hairstyle but about my weight. I have gained an approximate of eight kilograms in the past one month which is astronomical by any standards and not to forget the fact that I have been exercising for about half an hour on a regular basis (almost daily). My vacations are getting over soon and I’ll be returning back to the jungle on the 3rd of January. I plan to spend a day in Calcutta before going back but that is tentative because of the long train journey that I have to endure before I set foot in the city of joy.

As far as the quizzing is concerned, my move to start a “Question Of The Day” on my blog was harshly criticized by many because the question was googleable. Hence, I have decided that the questions that I post from now on won’t be googleable, yahooable, msnable and so on. This will definitely make the questions a lot tougher.

Yesterday's Answer: They are the only products which are allowed to be permanently promoted on the center-court of Wimbledon.
Today’s Question: Connect the song “I would do anything for love”, the movie “Keeping The Faith” and the book “Invisible Monsters”.



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