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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Quizzzzzzzzyyyyy Maahaul

Quizzing is back in fashion. I don’t know about the rest of India but at least in Kharagpur, it is. I got an off-liner from Jyotisko Sinha (one of my teammates) regarding the quizzes that are to be held during the Spring Fest (20th – 23rd Jan) and Kshitij (4th – 6th Feb). On paper, I am the third best quizzer on campus (Neither am I selling myself short nor am I blowing my own horn) but I cannot say the same thing about my team. This year, I hope to qualify to the finals of the quizzes during SF and Kshitij, which is not going to be easy. The quizmaster for the quizzes in Kshitij is Mr. Arul Mani (VP, Karnataka Quizzers Association). If you have any information about the quizmaster in SF, please leave a comment.

I have decided to introduce a “Question of the day” on my blog. From now on every post of mine will have a question. Name of the first person to answer the question correctly will be quoted in the next post along with a link to his/her blog. I think this is motivation enough for answering a simple question.

Here is the first one:
Ques. In Wimbledon, what is common to Coke, Rolex, Slazenger and Robinsons Barley Water?



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