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Friday, September 30, 2005

Mere blog pe jhagda kyun nahin hota

DC is really fat.
Phoenix bahut boring posts maarti hai.
Mani's sense of humor sucks.
Arnav poora quiz KQA se taapa thaa.
Nupur is a really bad in maths.
Coolcat is going to top CAT.
AOL is a stupid concept. Only people like Aekta can believe in it.
Surinder can't write isiliye boring fwds paste karta rehta hai.
Pradyot is dumb.
Reshma is like Pooh. Naah, not winnie but K3G.
TT is completely jobless. Jab dekho buzz maarke dukhi karti rehti hai.
almost_useless dhakkan hai.

Linux sucz.
Windows sucz.
Bengalis are too pretentious.
Panjus are too pompous.
All muslims are jehaadis.
Gultus, Diggs, Tams, Mallus. They are all the same... bloody stupid.
God is black.
God is gay.
God is dead.
I am God.
Rock n roll is noise pollution.
Cricket is too boring.
Footer is too boring.

Made this post in approx 5 minutes. A lot of time was spent in linking. I believe in everything I just said and this should not be considered funny.

Updated later:
This post was meant as a joke. And this update has just ruined it. Some people did not get it. Wasn't it obvious with the title of the post?


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