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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Kol Trip Number x

You didn't expect me to keep count did ya?
The train was delayed because of the accident that happened few days back. I did pass the derailed train which was lying in a ditch near the tracks. Well.. not the whole train but a couple of compartments. I must admit that it felt nice. Just couple of days back I was talking to my wingmate about how kewl it would be to witness a train wreck. Unless I am part of one there is nearly no chance of witnessing two planes crashing into each other but a train-wreck... may be. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I met my friend at Oxford and then we went to watch Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Nothing special about it. Just the same old same old. However I did think that it was a bit unsuitable to kids (I mean the ones below 9) because it had some pretty violent scenes. Indian television has definitely not prepared them for this kind of dark material and well.. do I need to say anything about the non-existent Indian cinema for kids.
About the quiz, it was by far the toughest in terms of competition. Gautam Ghosh, G. Srikant, Neil O Brien.... With these people around, lesser mortals like me did not have a chance of winning but we did make it to the finals. This quizmaster, R. M. Sen, was so bad and boring that I would prefer Pornob over him. The quizmaster was very proud that he was educated in Pakistan and World War 2 was something that he had read about in newspapers not books. I mean.. hello... isnt it time for your great-grandson to take over? The quiz had a large number of questions on Bong funda which pissed me off slightly but then I thought, "Hey.. this is Kolkata. What else can I expect." If you think this was bad, he started conducting the quiz in bengali. We had to interject because none of our team members was Bong. While the results of prelims were being announced Teleute, one of many classmates of my girlfriend who were present there, came and asked one of my team members, "What's your team name?" Akhauri Prasanna tried to evade that question but she asked again. The answer was, well.. "Ravi Handa". As my girlfriend aptly put it, "Lack of creativity and huge ego".

The rest of the day that we spent in Someplace Else (pub of The Park) was the best part of the day and can be summed up in two Master-Card advertisements:

Taxi to Someplace Else: Rs. 50
One Smrinoff Vodka: Rs. 180
One Screwdriver: Rs. 275
PDA in Park's lobby: Priceless.

Two Chicken Rolls: Rs. 34
Two more Smrinoff Vodkas: Rs. 360
Dancing, singing, flirting with a chinki after your girlfriend has left: Priceless.

The music was good as usual but they played a version of "Stairway To Heaven" which I had never heard before. It did not have, "Does anybody remember laughter?". It did not have the guitar lead. Instead it had drum beats. I think that Backstreey Boys could have made a better version than that. Or may be it WAS the Backstreet Boys version.


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