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Thursday, January 20, 2005

SF Diary : 1

Day 1 of SF was .. well.. Green and Smrinoffed. Parikrama did put up a nice show but they Makhaoed their own number "But it rained"... I have seen Parikrama so many times that it seems the same old same old to me. I dont know the name of the bassist but damn... he was in full form yesterday. My favorite part of the show was the floyd medley. However, I prefer Parikrama to Indian Ocean because they play bands like ACDC, Hendrix, Floyd and all that jazz. I will post about Indian Ocean and Strings tomorrow as they will be the flavour tonight. I am still suffering from hangover and I just don't know what the hell i am writing.

Quizzy people can go here.

Special requests to Delhites:: If anyone of you has an airtel connection, please give me a call. One of my close friends claims that he cannot call/SMS me because of his shitty Airtel connection. I just want to confirm his claims. If you(dear friend) are reading this, I am sorry. Please leave a comment in this regard.

Last Post's Winner: Zephyr


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