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Monday, January 24, 2005

Spring Fest Chronicles

SpringFest is finally over. Did I have fun? I am not sure. I liked the show and everything but I am so addicted to few people that their absence during this period made me gloomy.

Day 2: The first call that I got in the morning was from Debjeet informing me that he has to go for “What’s the Good Word” and he won’t be able to participate in Cyber Quiz with me. Damn!! That was a loss, but anyways I went ahead with the rest of the team. We did qualify and went on to win the third prize.
When the sun went down, the green ladies came to dance with me and I didn’t turn them down. After a few waves of Smrinoff, the Tsunamis struck us. The line up for the night was Indian Ocean and Strings. I loved Indian Ocean but the crowd was more excited about Strings. Strings was good for the first half an hour but after that they started playing songs like JAANU MERI JAAN. C’mon, gimme a break!! The crowd sure liked it which was quite evident by the way they started flashing their mobile lights (yeah yeah… like the good old 70s but the lighters were replaced by mobiles)

Day 3: My quizzing team kept on changing. I had Chira (my next door neighbor) for the General Quiz. We qualified for this one too but couldn’t make any cash out of it.
This day will go down in history as the only day in SF when Handa did not take any form of intoxicants. The simple reason being I wasn’t too excited about Fine Frenzy(Fashion Parade) or Centrifuge(Dance Competition). There was also a performance by Beat Busters, a professional dance group from kolkata, which I must say, was decent enough.

Day 4: It began on a good note when Jyotisko woke me up and told me that today Saket Giri (2nd best quizzer on campus in my opinion) will be teaming up with us. As soon as I heard this, I began to feel that I was richer by a thousand bucks (that was the prize). However, thanks to Parnab Mukherjee’s antics we did not even qualify.
I came back to the hall and saw Before Sunset, which in my opinion is the most romantic movie released this year. I haven’t seen Before Sunrise but it is in on my “to watch asap” list. There was another reason because of which I liked this movie but that is a bit too personal to write on the blog.
The line-up for the evening was Orient Express, Wildfire Finals and Zero. Orient Express is by far the worst band that I have ever heard. If you don’t trust me try catching them in Someplace Else, Kolkata as they are regulars there. You may like it if you are into Latino Rock (I don’t know what the hell that means). Wildfire Finals were better than last year probably because of the large number of bands participating. However, someone please explain to me that why each and every band needs to play “Smoke on the water”. The grand finale by Zero was the high point of SF. They were good and by that I mean really really good. They did a lot of original numbers with some rock classics and set the crowd on fire.

This was the story of the Indian Woodstock and yeah…. Wish you were here.



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