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Friday, October 14, 2005

Accident Ho Gaya Rabba Rabba: Phir Se

I am a person with extremely good luck and things like this do not happen to me. I can't remember the last time I fell or slipped or anything like that. How the hell can anyone have two accidents within a period of 4 days. I think Satan just saw Magnolia. The sad part about the first one was that whenever I talked to someone about it, their first question was "How is the dog?". Bloddy hell. Nobody cares about me or what!!

I am in Kolkata right now and staying with KB. We were going for breakfast and somehow the bike slipped. Before you ask, let me tell you KB is absolutely fine and I am the one who got hurt. My fingers started bleeding, the knee is bandaged right now, had to get a tetanus injection, etc. etc. KB on the other hand got up and lit a sutta. My girlfriend got angry because I missed the date and she had to wait at the stupid Metro station for about an hour. She cooled down pretty fast, she had to because my reason was more than just valid, and sent me an SMS, "U r such a goru". If you don't know what goru means, ask one of your bong friends.

I have been to IIM C atleast 5 times before but this is the first time I am staying here for more than 3 days. It is holiday season here too and very few students are around. Frankly speaking, the campus is not that impressive. May be its because I have lived in Kgp for nearly half a decade. I have seen 4 IIT campuses (Kgp,B,K,D), 4 IIMs (A,C,L,I) and AIIMS. Out of these I find our campus to be the best. It has banks, hospital, police station, railway reservation couter, museum, hangar and many other things which I found amiss in the places mentioned above. But still the best campus that I have visited is of, I am not sure if many of you would have heard about it, Chaudhari Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University. I googled to find out HAU's website but it looks like they don't have one. Funny! If you know about a better campus, do tell me.

PS: SKJ, you are not allowed to comment. Others, SKJ is in CMU. Do not comment about campuses outside India.


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