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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Got this from Pine Log Online

Welcome to the 21st century full of beautiful technological advances such as drive-thru liquor stores and cyber porn. But, unfortunately, some other terrible things come with these advances in technology, and one of the most annoying is blogging.
If you are not aware of blogging, you’re lucky. To fill you in, to blog is to keep an online journal of your most personal and private musings and thoughts hyped up to the net so even the most sad perverted individuals can take a peek.
The site www.marketingterms.com puts its origin of the term "blog" from "Weblog," which is the chronological happenings of one’s life posted online.
Now as a writer myself I have nothing against writing for the sake of writing or to get a healthy amount of emotions out on the page, but to do it specifically so people can ogle your beautiful syntax all over the planet is ridiculous.
I'm not saying that people who long for friends to come find them online are the only ones who blog. There is even a television show on CNN (the most "respectable" channel in the world) that is dedicated to nothing but blogs.
Even Tom Cruise wants you to take his blogging seriously as the next bible of famous annoying movie stars. I swear, if he talks about naked basketball with Katie Holmes one more time, I’m giving up on life all together.
Now as much as I would like to know what's going on in the head of a 12-year-old, pregnant, junkie, I could do without them talking for eight pages about how much daisy dukes ride up in the third trimester.
If you have something you would like to share with the world, and you don't have valid authority to do so, become a journalist and write a column whenever you feel it's necessary.
I am convinced blogging really hurts you more than helps you. I can't name the number of people who have written things about crushes or significant others online that they didn't want the other to see, and, surprise, it ended very badly.
If I had a dollar for every time I wanted my ex to know that he deserves to die a painful terrible death, I wouldn't have a dollar . It would make me look like a psycho hose beast.
Sometimes I wonder if half the people who write blogs understand that anybody can read them. For those who know that others are reading their blogs, are they really being honest or putting on a show for the public?
I read a certain young man's blog where he boasted about helping little kids. Later that night when I saw the human heads on the walls, I knew he had been fabricating his personality just a tad. Blogs aren't just annoying, they are dangerous. If you think sitting at home reading people's personal thoughts is getting to know them, then how are you supposed to interact with people face to face.
Blogs aren't just stupid, they are crippling our social skills, and there is nothing better than human interaction, trust me.
Believe it or not, there is a world outside of the computer. No joke, it has trees, popcorn and drive-thru liquor stores.
Blogging is worse than being on facebook. Nobody wants to know if you have cramps today or if you sold 1,000 pounds of Nicaraguan cocaine to Chico and the man.
The people in your life like friends and family do care if you show up to the party and do a minute keg-stand or date that really cool guy from Nicaragua who is friends with Chico and the man.
To lay it all on the line, blogging is a waste of time. Why spend time telling strangers your innermost thoughts when you could be out making memories with those you care about most?
I'm not saying all blogers are losers, I'm just saying that most of them are.


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