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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Me And You And Everyone We Know

"Delicate, tender, poetic, and yet so daring. The best film I saw at Sundance this year." You have to sit up and take notice when Ebert says this about a movie. More often than not whenever I expect great things from a movie they sadly disappoint me. I attended AOL nearly half a decade back and the two things I remember from those 5 days are the hair(long and I mean really long) of the gorgeous bong female who used to come to class with us and the funda "Expectations reduce joy". In case of movies it has proved to be true many times with movies like Garden State, Parineeta, etc. But there have been some cases where the movies have gone beyond my expectations and amazed me to no end. Old Boy, Battle Royale, etc. and the new one in the list is "Me and you and everyone we know".

I was flabbergasted when I came to know (which was after the movie) that Miranda July, the director and scriptwriter of the movie was indeed the female lead also. Now that's just something. Cant think of a phrase other than "raw talent". The only other names that come to my mind are of Sofia and Jane Campion but she scores above them just for the fact that she is much better looking than any of them. She was able to maintain a certain "feel" throughout the movie which many modern day directors fail to do.

Technically the movie isn't a masterpiece but the soundtrack is indeed amazing. There were three scenes which kinda forced me to write this post. In the beginning of the movie Richard pours ligther fluid on his hand and burns it just to attract attention of his kids and please them, delight them. In another one Richard and Christine(July's character) are walking down the road and they start talking about relationships. That particular scene is the high-point of the movie. I cannot think of any other sequence in a movie which released this year that beats this. The third one is the scene in which a 6 year old boy is chatting with someone about sex. On being asked, "Are you touching yourself?" He looks down and sees that his fingertips are touching each other and he answers "Yes". The idea of a six year old doing pornographic chat might be disturbing to some but when you see it in the movie it is not. It is so peaceful and poetic that even Martha Stewart would go "Aww. Its nice". I don't think that its ever going to be released in India but its out on DVD so rent/buy a copy as soon as possible. After watching the movie don't forget to thank me that I told you about it.

On personal front: We performed a play yesterday and it went fine. Actually it went better than I expected. Will write a detail post on the play when I have the pictures with me or I will ask Infinity to do it as he was the one who wrote it. The results haven't come out yet but I want to galofy the judges right now because if I do it after the results it might be seen in bad light. The judges for the event were not thespians or even professors who knew something about theater. They were wives of some professors and I don't think I need to elaborate further on this issue. Let me clarify that they have no other qualifications to become a judge other than their marriage certificates.


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