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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sudoku Challenge

After two months of hard work (well I don't know if "hard work" is the right term or not but any amount of work by me comes under the category of "hard work") I am finally getting good at Sudoku. Coolcat introduced it to me long back. It wasn't that long back as Sudokus have become popular during last year only. The first time it appeared in a newspaper was on 12 Nov. 2004. I was playing it on the web thinking that not many people would have been bitten by this bug but it looks like I was wrong because even after my best efforts I wasn't able to break into the top 5%. However, I do think that I am quite good at it. Some of you might be better. So here is the challenge:
Task: Beat my Sudoku timings in all 3 levels.

Easy : 3 Minutes 54 Seconds Medium: 4 Minutes 50 Seconds Hard: 5 Minutes 24 Seconds
Prize: Complete discography of Led Zepellin i.e. 9 studio albums. (Only for people from KGP or Kolkata)
Offer Valid for one week.
How to participate:
1. Go to Web Sudoku
2. Solve the Sudoku. Submit it
3. A screen will appear which has your timing on the top. Do not take a screenshot of this screen. This screen does not show whether you used hit and trial or not.
4. There will be a button "How good is my timing?" Click on that. A graph will appear with your timing on top. Take a screenshot of this screen.
Example :
5. Do one of the following:
a) Mail the screenshot to me at ravihanda@gmail.com
b) Upload it on the web and email me the link.
c) Upload it on the web and leave the link in the comments section.

PS: I hope you are not going to use Photo Editors or Computer Programs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey how long have you been writting this blog? I am new to all this perhaps you could look at one of my blogs and let me know what you think.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a great site you have here, have you been doing it long?
I just built a site all about my passion for sudoku puzzle

12:27 PM  

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