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Friday, December 09, 2005

Parenting Lessons

I don't know how relevant this is to most readers of my blog but I have found a way to keep children quiet for around half an hour. After spending last few days with my sister's kids I think this is a big accomplishment and the technique that I am going to tell you actually works.
I was forced to baby-sit not 1 or 2 but 8 kids (age range 3 to 8) when my sister along with the other "aunties" went for their evening walk. Generally the kids play outside but on that particular day they were a bit late and it was dark. Kids were not allowed to stay out in the dark and those people could not find a better scapegoat. Its not that I don’t enjoy company of kids but I am not particularly fond of looking after 8 kids for half an hour especially when Will n Grace is on. So here is the actual algorithm:
1. Tell the kids to make a circle.
2. Show them a Dairy-Milk.
3. Tell them the guy who keeps quiet for the longest period of time wins it.
That’s it. No frills. Nothing. And it worked. It worked magically. I saw Will n Grace peacefully. However, I had more than 1 chocolate, which was a good thing because two kids Manshika and Avarnita (yeah.. kids have such weird names these days) deserved full chocolates for their effort.

Bilaspur Cyber Cafes rock. This one has AC, a TV Screen, a surround sound system and a cute chick* as the person in charge. Cost: Rs. 20 per hour.
*Disclaimer: She is not cuter than you. You are the best.

I have finally got an idea for another novel. Yes this is my second, the first one was never completed and few months later it died in a hard disk crash. The bad part is that it would require some amount of background research. If you or someone you know works for a News network and is willing to help please email me at ravihanda@gmail.com


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