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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Consider It Done

There are valid reasons for this so called break and I think I am in the safe zone now. 6 months from now you will see me in Pune and within couple of years in Amster-fricking-dam. \../
A quick round-up of the days that just went by:
  • Got a job with Syntel Inc.
  • Another New Year's eve went by when I had no one to kiss at midnight.
  • Finally won some money at Nihilanth. Thanks Arnav.... for not coming.
  • Had a fist fight after a real real long time. The last I remember was in ..... well, I can't remember the last one.
  • Attended performances by Orange Street, Pentagram amd Euphoria (today). If I have to pin point a day in my life when "the music died", it would be today. I am not a music snob and I do like Indian bands to a certain extent but please don't murder Floyd. They could'nt even perform MaeRi properly and yeah... who the hell comes to perform in a rock concert wearing a WHITE SHIRT.
  • Saw Elizabethtown 9 times. Yes 9 times after I stopped blogging. Call me a sissy but I did cry when they were playing Freebird all 9 times and I am proud about it. Makes me feel human.
I realised how important blogging is as quite a few people (known as well as unknown) contacted me when I disabled it. The unknown ones also included two hot gals. When I called one of my close friends to tell her that I got a job, her reply wasn't "Kewl! Where?" "How much's the package?" "Which company?" but it was "Good. Now you can start blogging again." I asked her to write a comeback post for me but she did that only on condition that she would remain anonymous. This is what she came up with:

As promised by its author, this blog comes back to life when he has succeeded in finding a job. Congratulations Handa and all the best to the company which hired him.
Some of you may be wondering who I am. Remember the nasty anonymous comment left on this blog which attempted to summarise H's qualities? Nope, I ain't the commenter. Instead, I am the first person he called to ask if it was me who had written it. That pretty much tells you what I think of him. However, despite all the hatred that we may express towards this pet of Satan, there is something about him that draws us to him. Something which makes us want to be friends with him. Something that gives us pleasure when he succeeds, makes us feel sad when he doesn't. On this occasion of his securing the first job of his life, here's wishing him the best! Hope life in the big city suits him well!
Special message for Handa and his readers: Say no to Smoking. Say no to Alcohol. Practice safe sex. Seek long term happiness, short term thrills are just that, short term.

This was 15 days ago and after that I had been just plain ol' lazy. Now be nice to me for a change and say "Welcome Back".

.... and here's looking at you kid! See you in 300 minutes.

I never knew I had a dream
Until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
The sky's a different blue
Cross my heart
I wear no disguise
If I tried, you'd make believe
That you believed my lies

Thank you for loving me
For being my eyes
When I couldn't see
For parting my lips
When I couldn't breathe
Thank you for loving me


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