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Monday, January 23, 2006

The SF that was..

This was by far my favorite fest to say the least, thanks to some special guests and the quiz winning spree. It was so good that the quizmaster has offered to pay me if I do background research for his questions. I will be going to Kolkata next Saturday to fix the deal. The name !Xobile (watch Russel Peters for pronunciation) proved lucky and we won all the quizzes in the fest.
Shankar was good but what made it better was a PYT dancing next to me. For the record, I was also "trying to" dance but as some of you would have guessed by now that its not possible for me to perform this feat without being drunk. The stupid 22:30 curfew at girls hostel could have made things worse for me but somehow it turned out otherwise. :)
Heard Skinny Alley and they were better than usual. The fame that Dutta has earned is well deserved. He made the guitar cry and elucidated the difference between boys and MEN. And yes, they did play "Stairway To Heaven". Mobiles have replaced lighters but I planned to do it old school during the song. It was all going fine till some part of the 4 Rs. lighter melted and burnt my finger a little. Trust me, it was worth it.
The Hobos won the rock competition again beating out Faith (again). It must be pretty sad for Faith to lose twice in a span of 10 days but it was quite a close contest on both occasions (Nihilanth and SF). In my opinion, the cover of Purple Haze won it for The Hobos along with their originals. In case that you have heard them, do you also think that they sound like a softer version of NIN?


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