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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Jazz Called Life

I haven't been to Delhi much but every time I go there it teaches me new things. People talk very emotionally about Bombay but some how Delhi does the trick for me. Be it the photographer in CP 11 years ago who told me to zip my pants after inquiring how old I am or the girl who told me a year back, "What will you do in life if you can't even catch an auto to Saket?" or the guy who yells Abbey Road every time he crosses a Zebra crossing with three other people or the girl who makes an entry into the room full of strangers shouting, "Why the fuck did you leave me alone?", for the record the last one was not directed at me.
This trip was not different at all. I met quite a few people and some characters. I am not capable enough to exactly define and hence differentiate the two terms but to elucidate I can say that everyone in a Woody movie is a person (other than Woody himself) and everyone in a Fellini movie is a character. I won't say that people I met on the trip were the best quizzers I have seen but some of them were good.
Nikhil, from Surat, who appears like a fatso in his pics, is definitely less than 50 kg. Take a look at his pic and you would know why I was shocked after looking at him. If some of you are thinking that "Sawaan ke andhe ko sab hara hara nazar aata hai", I can't say that you are completely wrong. This guy was carrying a movie camera with him and recorded our conversations. People do give importance to what I say but this was a first to me when he stopped me, went back to his room and came back with his camera to record our conversation. I think my Bergman bashing did the trick or it can also be Karthik's love for Nosferatu. The problem is that he might have recorded the short speech that I gave in the party that was scheduled after the quiz.
What I said in the party was to appreciate Rachna, from Pune, but it probably took a different direction and I can't be a hypocrite to remain politically correct. The worse part is that C P Singh comes to our table after the party and says, "Handa, what you said is correct but you should not always say the right thing."
The whole time I was in Delhi there was something ringing in my head which was on the lines of "So close yet so far" but I couldn't do anything about it. If you are reading this and I know you are, my day will come.
I could not meet Arnav despite making plans because of his project work but he was able to prove me wrong about something. I would have discussed the matter here but Arnav doesn't like to talk about such issues in public as he had told me in the past so I would refrain from it.
I did meet Neha and Kunal but the three of us were so busy in our own worlds that we didnt actually get time to talk much.
Before I forget, I would like to mention a few names so that some day I can look at these and smile about the whole thing. Isha Pillai, Abha Sood, Nancy Singh, Pooja K.


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