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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Paint It Black... urrrmmm Yellow

A lot has been said about "Rang De Basanti" and I am surprised that everyone is appreciating it. It has been hailed as "the movie of this generation", "better than DCH" and many other things but I did not find it special in any way. It does not even come close to DCH for many reasons. This is supposed to be a serious movie and the first hour of the movie is just "bakchodi" (Can't find a better word for it). I think Aamir has mastered the art of choosing great subjects but still he is unlucky that his movies turn out to be like The Rising or RDB.
The idea behind the movie is to make people think and celebrate freedom. I would love to watch a movie in which complex issues like these are addressed but they are dealt with in a proper manner. The script has it high points with the witty dialogues but the serious ones fail to make an impression and hence appear extremely cliched. Soha's cry, Atul' rendition of the Bismil poem and the last scene in which Atul and Kunal shake hands reminded me of Karan Johar to say the least. Such scenes if handled properly make me cry but doing it the Karan way made me pull my hair off.
In one particular scene when the central characters are plotting a murder, Sharman Joshi gets up and says "Nahin nahin.." What he said after that was drowned in the huge roar of laughter that emerged in the theater. For the record, it was not a comic scene. I agree that for Indian audience its necessary to have comic relief but one full hour in the beginning is over-doing it.
There is one more point which I don't think many people have noticed or they have not pointed it out is the fact that Aamir is playing a guy who passed out of college 5 years ago. Am I the only one who thinks that he looked much older than that. With all due respect to one of the few good actors left in Indian cinema I think he should not have played this. It has ruined his image in my eyes and I am quite sure that many others will agree me on this.
When the script was written the movie probably had a message but somehow it was lost on the way. In the end I would say that it is not all bad. This movie at least tried but it failed miserably.


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