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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trip again...

And this time I ain't talking about LSD. I am going on a real trip to Gangtok. I know that the first four letters of Gangtok might remind you of a familiar territory but I think it is off the cards because of the elite sophesticated non-smoking, non-drinking company that I have. I never understood the concept of travelling for fun. Frankly speaking it just doesn't make any sense to me to wander around just to look at some stones and drops of water. I just feel like quoting Charlie here when he said, "Sand is over-rated, its just a bunch of tiny little rocks".
Trip to Allahabad was good because we won a few quizzes there but otherwise it was hugely disappointing. Cheating is a common phenomenon in quizzes but it is sad when the organisers do it and that also in the open. Its even worse when they cheat and don't even qualify for the finals. The prize money that was promised has been reduced (again). Couple of events were cancelled and prizes from a few others were withdrawn. NIT Durgapur, which is considered to be a college of lesser repute than MNNIT Allahabad had conducted things in a much better manner. But well, at least they managed to conduct a quiz fest. Something which people at Kharagpur tried to do but were not able to do.
One question to girls who think they are good looking, "Do you think that if you look good, you have the right to do anything? Do you have the right to blow off appointments? Do you think being rude is a part of your charm? " No one was rude to me but I saw it with my own eyes. I can't write about it in detail because I am still to confront her about the situation and how she humiliated my friend. If you are reading this, trust me... Its not going to be nice. I just don't get this.
Tere ishq mai main kya kya na bana ishina,
Kabhi bana kutta, kabhi bana kamina.... (Had to rhyme)...

It is just a PJ.. no hidden agendas.


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